Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Smoking Marjiuana

There are a lot of people who smoke marijuana in the United States of America. People say that smoking marijuana is going to affect the brain and it will increase the crime percentage. Also people have been arguing about whether the government should legalize smoking marijuana or not. I think smoking there are no effects of smoking marijuana. The government should legalize smoking marijuana, because, first, it is not an effect drug, second, it helps to decrease the other crimes, and third, legalization can help the economy.

First, smoking marijuana will not affect people’s life or health. Smoking marijuana is like having a beer and enjoying your time and relaxing. A lot of people said that smoking marijuana will affect the human’s brains and will increase the accidents and deaths by overdoses. But I have never heard that somebody had an accident because of smoking marijuana, also, I have never heard that somebody died from overdoses of smoking marijuana. The biggest example that support my idea, which is legalizing smoking marijuana is Amsterdam. In Amsterdam smoking marijuana is legal; after people argued about this subject, Amsterdam tried to find if what the people talked about was true or not. In the end they found that there was no increase of crimes and no increase of deaths because of smoking marijuana so we should have it.

Second, it helps to decrease the crimes. When the government legalizes smoking marijuana people will smoke and the effect of smoking marijuana is to let the people calm down and relax and try not to have any trouble. So that will helps the government to decrease the crime. According to K. Benna (2005, para 6), “Marijuana prohibition takes valuable resources away from law enforcement that could be used much more productively to pursue murderers, rapists, thieves, or any other more serious criminals”.

Third, Legalizing having and smoking Marijuana will help people to have money. There are a lot of different kinds of marijuana, and some people know how to grow marijuana very well and some people don’t, so the different kinds of marijuana will have different prices because of the good quality or not good quality. Some people cannot afford to pay the high prices for the good marijuana, so they will buy the regular. And the people who can afford paying the expensive marijuana will buy it. In both ways, which is growing marijuana, people will have money because of having it. “Taxpayers are forced to pay billions of dollars to persecute, prosecute, and incarcerate people for having marijuana. If marijuana were legal and regulated (like alcohol and tobacco) this money, plus tax revenues from marijuana sales, could be used for other purposes such as education and health care.” (marijuana legalization Associate, 200, para.2). That means some people don’t want the other people to spend money on marijuana and they prefer to use the money that they spend on education and similar things, but what we should do is to let it be fair between the people who do not smoke and the people who do smoke marijuana, by giving money for the education and other stuff, and also spending money on marijuana.

In conclusion, there are a lot of arguments about this subject; also there are a lot of people who want to have marijuana be legal. Also the government should legalize smoking marijuana because of three things; first, it is not an effective drug, second, it helps to decrease the other crimes, and third, it helps to have money.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summary Response #3

In the article "China vows to halt growing gender ratio imbalance", they touch on the fact that the Chinese authorities said they are going to lock down on fetus gender testing and sex-selective abortions. They also say that they are going to do more to help the equality laws of men and women. The Chinese government is also saying that they’re going to give out cash incentives to girl only families. I'm going to sum up some of the things that they plan to do about sex-selective abortions, what they are planning to do far as equality laws, and why I think that they should give out the cash incentives to the girl only families.

First, the Chinese government should say that if anybody that conducts an illegal sex-selective abortion will be seriously punished. A document from the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council says that there will be more protection of baby girls for if anyone was to abandon, injure, or hurt their mothers they will be punished. The Government is also putting more of a watch on the hospital and clinics that use ultra-sound machines and that give out abortion medicines.

Secondly, in 2000 China launched a "care for girls" campaign to help promote the equality between men and women. Getting the girls to do some of the things men can do i believe is a good start in helping decrease imbalance they are facing. As for the economy they need the women to step up and learn more of the things that guys have been doing that they have not been able to do. I really think that changing their laws will be a good step in their fight of population imbalance.

Thirdly, the Chinese government has giving out cash incentives for girl only families. Families that don't have any guy at all will really need these because if the girls have not been taught to be able to do what a guy can do, it will be hard to make any kind of money working. This money I believe can help pay the bills or help in any schooling or job training they will need to get by.

In all, I have spoke on my views of what China plans to do about sex-selective abortions, what China plans to do about its equality laws, and why I think they should give out the cash incentives. I believe that if China keeps their mind on their female population for a while they may put some kind of decrease in their countries imbalanced.

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Summary Response #2

In the article "China's surplus of sons: A geopolitical time bomb," they speak on the criticism that China has been getting on the fact that they have more men than women. The fact that they use the ultrasound machine to determine if they will keep the boy or kill the girl seed is being stressed that people change their One Child policy. They also stress the fact that they will have more sex related crimes committed in due time, and that the younger males that are growing up will not have any women to mate with. I'm going to give my insight on what I think about the way they use the ultrasound to discriminate on the gender of a child, and why I think they should change their One Child policy laws, and what I think would happen if the males do not have any females to mate with.

First off, in China they force a One Child policy, which means families can only have one child, and this forced a lot of parents to abort the females until they have a boy. By using the ultrasound they can determine if they want to have the girl or not; if it is a boy it's a definite go, but now it's starting to hurt their society. In the article it says that, "Worldwide, there are already 100 million girls missing due to sex-selective abortion," and they believe that 50 million of these girls are from China. The ultrasound was allowing people to have choices, and to know what they have not to be forced into things they and their family do not agree to. Families there feel that the boy can make more money for the families, so they feel that the women have no value, which indeed they do. How could you have boys if women doesn’t have them? Or while the man works, as they feel he should be the main money provider, who is going to take care of the household. I believe that if they don't do something about how much abortion a person can have, their population is going to decrease and their economy will slow down.

Secondly, the article spoke on the China's One Child policy, because it's starting to become a factor in their future. If you take a person's right to have as many children as they want you take away their right to say how many boys or girls they want. I believe that any life shouldn’t be taken especially if it hasn’t had the chance to live or even know what death means. If they don't do something fast about the population of women in their country, they will have no women to mate with in the future. They need to take action on their One Child policy to take some of the stress of what to do with their pregnancies, which is eliminating some of their females from even making it to birth.

Finally, I believe that if that all the families in China continue to abort the females, then the males will not have anyone to mate with. You almost can say that they're headed for extinction because if you don't have a partner to mate with, then your breed can no longer exist, and that is why there's two of everything, from humans to animals. Also, if the men in China don't have anyone to mate with then they might not want to stay there anymore and may migrate to new countries. Also, in the article they believe that more sex crimes will be committed, or that men will become more abusive to women in the future. I also have a belief that you would think more of their man would turn out to be gay.

In conclusion, I have given you my insight on what I think about the way they use the ultrasound to discriminate on the gender of a child, why I think China should change their One Child policy, and what I think would happen if the males do not have any more females to mate with. I believe that China has a lot to look at if they want a good future for their youth, economy, and population.

Frogoso, M. (2007, Oct 19). China’s surplus of sons: Ageopolitical time bomb. Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved on July 7, 2008, from LexisNexis.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Practice Summary response

This article was focused on Asian society, and its community based on the fact that there is more man than women. The gender imbalance that is appearing is major a threat to their stability because researchers say that more men will leave the country to find women to mate with, or it will lead to an increase in prostitution, or other violent crimes against women. It also quotes on that by 2050, "the number of men would outweigh that of women by 33 million in India, and by 25 million in China" even if the current imbalance is declined. Seeking on the fact that in their country due to economic reasons the male is needed over the female, so most of the women that have several girls choose to abort their progenies until they have a boy. A French demographer by the name of Christopher Guilmoto believes that if you change their society views on the way they look at women, and improve the gender equality laws, this will help improve their community. They also are requesting that the younger women be included in the rituals and ceremonies that are rationally required of the younger males.

The views of women in their countries really need to be looked at and have some kind of action taken upon them. Giving women the right to more opportunities to do what a guy can do will be a good start in helping the rights of their women. I know you need more men to build but you also need more women to mate with, make families with, and to do the things that guys can't do.

I learned a lot from this article; I can't believe the percentage of males there are over females. I also believe that their society is in for a major disaster if they don't do something quickly about the women population in their countries. The fact they abort after having so many girls is ludicrous to me, because I see that the more women you have the more chances of pregnancy, which brings the more chances of boys or girls. I'm not a big fan of abortion because it is like stopping the life circle, and what ever the gender the child is it should be given the love and respect life has to bring.

In conclusion, the article talks about how the major male population percentage there is over that of the females, and if there is nothing done about it their countries will be over male populated. If the gender equality laws don't change quickly, not only will the men leave the country but the women will also. I also think if they involve the younger females into what the younger boys are doing they will be more in touch with themselves to do some of the things they may have not been able to. If women are not here to reproduce who's going to do it? So in all if they don't get more women in their countries they will have more sex related crimes, and will lose a lot of the men they need due to the fact they have no women to mate with.

Kontominas, B. ( October 31, 2007). Gender imbalance a threat to stability. Retrieved 07/01/08, from http://www.smh.com.au/cgi-bin/common/popupprintarticle.pl??path=/articles/2007/10/30/1193618880862

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coral Reefs

The topic of this paper is coral reefs. It argues that people are doing bad things that affect the coral reef. There are three things that people do and it cause the coral reef pollution. They dig oil over the sea, throw leftovers in the sea, and fish. These are the most common problems, and I will talk about the solutions for these problems and why we should solve them.
Have you ever been under the water in the sea, and seen the sea lives? Could you imaging the sea without life? That is what will happen in the future if we don't quit doing bad things which effect the Coral reef. Coral reef is one of the most important things in the sea to save the sea lives and save people from natural disaster. According to Rachel Oliver, “Coral reefs are home 20 25 percent of the world’s marine fish species, and cover 1 percent of the Earth’s surface, making them the largest single livin structure on Earth. There are now also one of the most endangered: as of the end of this year, for the first time in history coral reefs have been included on the World Conservation Union’s Red List of Threatened Species.” Coral reefs filter the sea water and make oxygen for fish. Coral reefs also save the beach from high waves. Coral reefs have many advantages that humans don't know about. Also, people need to have more knowledge about the sea and the life in sea. Humans cause many problems for coral. They damage and kill the coral without paying attention to it. People don't care about the future. We have to protect the Coral reefs from anything that will affect the coral reefs before it is too late, because when we don’t give any attention to it we will lose one of the natural beauty and one of the most important thing in the sea lives. The most common three problems that cause by human are digging oil under the sea, throwing leftovers in the sea, and fishing. You can see the problem and the solution and why we have to save the coral reefs when you read the hole paper.
First, digging for oil under the sea is one of the causes that kill Coral reefs. There are many countries which get oil from the sea. They put machines in the water to get the oil. Those machines have chemical things which affect the sea lives. The oil that they pull out is also has chemicals which cause the sea pollution. They don't care about the percentage of damages that they did as much oil they will get. When the oil gets out it will kill the Coral reef and as we know that the Coral reef is one of the important things for the sea lives There are many different kinds of fish which use the coral as a home, and find their food from the coral. When we kill the coral, that means we are also killing the fish, because when the fish do not find food or homes they could not protect themselves from the dangerous things. In conclusion, we have to save the coral reef to save the other sea lives.
Second, throwing leftovers in the sea. there are many people who like to get rid of the leftovers in the easy way. They throw it in the sea, and they do not care about the effect of it on the sea lives. They do not know that the effect of this is going to return to them. For example, when they kill the sea lives they will have many problem like a natural disaster. The government should give these people who throw the leftovers in the sea some punishment to stop them. When they give them some punishment like tickets or something like that, they will not do those things again. They will think before doing that thing about the punishment that they will get, and they will not do it. This is a good idea to make the sea cleaner and to save the sea lives. In conclusion, we have to think about how we could clean the sea not about how we could make it dirty to save the sea lives.
Finally, fishing is a problem for sea lives. People who make business by fishing do not care about the sea lives. They just care about the money. When they are fishing they try to catch as much as they could. They do not catch just fish. When they throw out their net they do not know what they will catch. When they catch fish with the coral reef they could not get that reef back to the sea, so they kill the reef and they do not know about that they will lose their money in the future. When the sea does not have coral, then the fish will not find food or a home to protect themselves. The fish will die when they do not find food or home then the fishermen could not go fishing, because they will not find fish in the sea. in conclusion, the fishermen should care about the coral to save the fish, and not lose it in future.
In conclusion, there are many reason that make people save the coral reef. when they think about the future they will try to save the coral reef as much as they could. The government could give some help to save the coral reef. when the government gives people who effect the coral reef lives some punishment, then we will have few coral reefs which are affected by humans. People could move the sea lives from that place where they need to dig for the oil before they do anything, then they could do what they want without affecting the coral reef lives. People should try to be cleaner not dirty. They should recycle the leftovers and not throw them in the sea. The fishermen could do many things to save the coral reef lives, like using the technology when they need to fish. They could Try fishing with a hook, not by the net, to save the coral reef life.
Coral reefs are one of the important thins in the sea lives, so we have to save them and find some solutions to save the coral reefs. Also the overnment should stop the people and give them a ticket, if they have been fishinggg illegally, because when they o fishing they take out some of the coral reefs with them and as soon as the coreal reefs get out of the water and under the ground it will die very fast. According to library. Thinkquest.org (n.d) there are a lot of ways to save coral reefs and some of the ways are, “one, Support reef-friendly businesses. Ask what your dive shop, boating store, tour operators, hotel, and other coastal businesses are doing to save the coral reefs. This is especially important in coastal areas with reefs. Let them know you are an informed consumer and care about reefs. Two, don’t use chemically enhanced pesticides and fertilizers.” Anyway there are a lot of good solutions for coral reefs but I think those are the easiest and most helpful.
Here at this time we should protect and save the coral reefs to save and help the sea lives. Also the coral reefs has a lot of thins to do with animals and plants that live there. This is important, because just like the tropical rainforests, coral reefs may be the source of medicines, chemicals or other resources that haven’t even been discovered yet, and unless we save these environments, we’ll never get the chance to discover. Coral reefs are beautiful places, and provide income from tourists to many otherwise poor countries around the world. Finally, it is important to protect the reefs we have today, because they can’t be replaced.
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Direct Tv, Research paper

Direct Television is a common thing in today’s world. Many stations offers these services to allow people to have a variety of channels and enjoy what we call television. The competition on the market is getting harder for people because they have to improve their product. Innovation is one solution for this problems that’s why the competition is very difficult in the United States. It is all about digital television because direct television means digital transmissions. According to a magazine on the net “Digital TV Facts”(,n.d.para.1), “ Digital TV (DTV) is a newer form of technology used for sending television broadcasts to your home”. Today, many people love digital television because they enjoy watching television this way. Technology is what makes this possible because of scientists. People are improving everyday for a better way of living without risks. Direct television started growing after the industrial revolution and the need for people to allow better television into their life. Early in the 20th century, television was broadcasted. Lately, DirecTV is still in use by people in today’s world. DirecTV has many advantages, however there is a problem with the transition about Digital Television. We should not use DirecTV because of the bad programs, the transition can affect people and because of the reception.

According to The History of Direct Television, “in 1981 satellite Broadcasting was founded by Stanley Hubbard. Hubbard approached General Motors and RCA Consumer Electronics to develop a satellite service capable of delivering over 150 channels to an 18-inch dish. An agreement is made for the two to develop satellite television that would carry DirecTV and USSB ( US Satellite Broadcasting) services. After years in 1995 DirecTV authorizes Toshiba and Undine to begin the manufacturing of DBS systems. Thanks to strong advertising with a committed $170 million budget, subscriptions grow to 1,200,000.
According to S.Aubra (2008, para.3), “After months of investigation, we found that Direct TV has problems with their HD service and that they are knowingly overcharging customers for services NOT rendered. They are either hiding or ignoring important problems. Many of the complaints are related to their new HR21 high definition (HD) DVR receiver/recorder”. Many people are complaining about what DirecTV services. They have a bad reputation in the business market and are not doing anything to change their status. They are just using the green washing technique to escape from people opinions about what they really are. DirecTV is being charging people for extra fees and failing to provide good services to his customers. According to S.Aubra (2008,para.4), “The Oregon Herald has been able to document that their flagship HD HR21 receiver/dvr indeed does not work in significant and very important ways. We tested multiple HR21 boxes. The HR21 Category Search feature does not work correctly. After a Search is made in a highly populated category with thousands of results, Search crashes then reloads to the beginning of the Search, making it impossible to search further than a few hours for events, programs, moves,etc, even on the same Search Day. For practical purposes, a comprehensive Direct TV search is nearly useless. It wouldn't be so important except that searching for programs is one of the most important features of any DVR. We can blame this on the Direct TV engineering and programming department. It's a mess. There are so many bugs that it appears search programming code as well as other code must have been written by sloppy poorly trained individuals who have no idea what they're doing.” DirecTV engineers have problems with the materials they are producing and don’t really know how to deal with it. They have to stop cheating on people and provide good services for the customers to be satisfied. DirecTV should not be used because of the bad programs, it can affect people and the reception.
First, DirecTV should not be used because of the bad programs. A DirecTV program is a system that work through satellite. Therefore, it offers more channels than the analog television. More channels means that our children can be faced to bad television programs and that is restricted for them to watch. Children this days are very stubborn and what you tell them to not do is what they do. We have to find a way of controlling all these channels because of our children. A bad education can be a bad growing youth for tomorrow’s society. Many of the retailers that offers satellite service are confronted to that. Television in general can affect children when they watched it. According to E.Charlotte & M.Grayson ( 2005, para.2), “Researchers found nonaggressive children who had been exposed to high levels of media violence had similar patterns of activity in an area of the brain linked to self-control and attention as aggressive children who had been diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorder.” watching television is a good thing for people to enjoy. But we have to protect our children from bad programs. There are too many bad programs in today’s world and we have to be careful about it.
Second, DirecTV should not be used because of their inefficacity of satisfying customers. Many customers are complaining about DirecTV services. They cheat on people by letting them pay extra fees for nothing. People are being introducing a survey about DirecTV and their problems. Even though DirecTV is a group of people offering satellite services, they really don’t care about their customers. According to S.Aubra (2008, para.6), “In addition to the Search problems, Series Program recordings, when played back, are all too often found to be blank. They may not be apparent if you're not in the habit of recording lots of TV series programs. The magic number of recordable events seems to be around 100. After that magic number, all too often attempts to record further programs is met with disaster.” there are so many imperfection with DirecTV that they don’t even care. For a country like the United States, they should be more relativity and more professionalism in their work.
Finally, DirecTV should not be used because of the bad reception. As many retailers that offers satellite service, they are encounter to face storms. Bad winds, and storms make the DirecTV signal very bad. When rains touch the surface of the DirecTV cable, it automatically make you lose signal and the image disappear or stay static. According to Khatleen.Hurst (2006, Q.6), “I’m sure you’ve heard about how whenever it storms, people’s satellite go out. Yeah, they weren’t lying. Not only does it go out during storm, but sometimes, even when a good wind blows, you can pretty much plan on finding something more constructive to do than watch TV”. Weather is one bad factor that really affect signals for most of the retailers that offer satellite transmission. If the installation is also badly fixed, then it will go away or remove itself from your roof and you will lose signal too. Suppliers of these services have to look for a better way where they can satisfy customers and be more efficient on the market. Today’s market is growing really fast and people need accuracy in any new product that come to the market. We can’t fight against weather but we can try to focus on how to bring a new way of signal without interference to the people.
Opponents argue that DirecTV is good and we should use it. They argue that DirecTV gives more channels than the analog television and more options for viewers. According to Whitney. A (n.d., para.5,6), “More advantages of satellite TV lie in HDTV and DVR systems. HDTV is also known as high definition and allows a much larger resolution for viewing, as well as enhanced surround sound. At a resolution of 1280x1080 content is 2-5 times sharper on television sets. If you have a quality digital television set this will replace your need for an HD player or Playstation 3 as you can watch classic movies and new releases on satellite TV. The DVR system is a means of digitally recording and playing back network programming. You can program your system to record all of your favorite dramas and sitcoms without having to configure a timer. Even if you're trying to follow a rapidly changing fall schedule on network TV you can still count on a DVR recorder. A DVR system also allows you to rewind live TV to catch another take of a great moment. While it is true that cable TV may offer DVR options, they are usually higher priced. Satellite TV also offers some upfront purchases of DVR players, which could be less expensive than paying by the month.
When it comes to satellite TV, the advantage is that this technology offers more options than cable and for far less money.” They really stick to that advantages saying it is better to have and enjoy real television.
In conclusion, DirecTV is a good service that reply with the era that we are in now. Technology is still improving and scientist are the one making it possible. However, there is still some problem with DirecTV that owners of the company should try to fix and satisfy customers. Without customers there is no business and no revenue for any society. Therefore, comes the ruin of that company. They have to steps forward and make life betterfor their customers. All the problems they are facing is due to negligence of their part and the bad training of their engineers.

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The topic of this paper is the problems that DirecTV have. There are three reason for this argument which are the bad programs. Second, their inefficacity of satisfying customers. Finally, DirecTv has bad reception. It also talks about how people feel about what DirecTV offer them as service.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Summary response

In the article "Controversy blights UN net summit" the author discuses the people's idea about the Internet hackers. Also, it shows the Tunisians' anger about the Internet hackers. The people who live in Tunis want the government to arrest the hackers, because they are entering the people's privacy. People use the Internet a lot for different things that the hackers can see, suck as shopping, contact with other people and tranferring money sometimes.

First, people who are shopping from the internet should be careful with these guys who are hacking, because when people shop on the internet they have to use their Credit or Visa card numbers, so when the hackers enter their computers and hack, they can steal your card number and use your money. This way to steal is the easiest way for the hackers to do because I asked a hacker and he said they could do this unless they have safety programs. For example, someday one of the people sent me a page which looked like an ebay.com page, but the safety program ignored this website because it was fake, but the way that the person sent me this letter he or she could take my infomation and use it them.

Second, the hackers can see your conversations and your communications with other people. Internet users should be careful about what they say in the Internet conversations, because maybe someone sees their conversation and saves it if it is important. For example, most of the time I chat with my other friend in a special room, and while we talk someone enters the room that we stayed in, and he takes the micro from us and he says that if he wants enter our computers he will do it, but entering the room without his knowing the security number is enough.

Third, many people who live outsite their countries use the banks' websites to transfer money. When the people use the bank websites, they have to have a password and nicknames to their account, but when the hackers enter your computer, he can take all the information and transfer the money to his account without your knowing. For example, one of my friends does not use the internet a lot, but he uses the banks' page most of the time; this person did not put the security program in his computer, so after he logged on to the bank websites he founf a person moving the mouse without his touching it, then he logged off and he went to his brother's computer and changed the password and the nicknames in a fast way.

In conclusion, there are many ways that the hackers can enter and see your information. But the biggest things that the hackers are intersted in are shopping, contacting other people and transfarring money, sometimes because the hackers just like to see other people's privacey information, not to help people.

Reference: Twist, J. (2005, November 18) Controversy blights UN net summit. BBC News. Retrieved on March 19, 2008, from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4450474.stm