Monday, March 5, 2007

The most Wanted List

I went to this website and it talk about ten people who did acrime and they are wanted by the world. The website shows picthres of these people, like Usama Bin Laden, Tames J.Bulger,...etc so when you click to each person the website gives you inrormation about this person, his Date of Birth, Hair, place of birth, and all the description. Moreover, hte website gives you information about what this person did. At the end the website put areward for the people who know any information about this criminal or know where this criminal lives.

My opinion:

This is the best way in my opinion to find this criminal, because some people like areward so he will tell the truth to have this money and this picture and information will help the people to take care from this people. Actually I think the picture in the website is anold picture, so they shuld find anew picture, because maybe they will change their face, so be careful of guys from these people and tell the FBI if you know any thing, to have agood life