Thursday, May 3, 2007

Food Taboos

I went to this website and it talk about some kind of food which is taboo.Food taboos is diffrent from culture to culture,some food taboos are obvious - you don’t eat poisonous food (poisonous flowers for instance).Also Food taboos can be based on religious beliefs. For example, Muslims and Jews can’t eat pork.There is alot of food taboos in some countries but not taboo in other countries.Also what people think about people who eat this food taboos.

In my opinion some of these kind of food it's very bad for people health. also some people eat food taboos and its taboo in there religion. should evry budy pay atintion for any food and see what kind os this food because some people they eat and dont think about this eat it is taboo or not. also put spical resturants for each people like: people who eat pork go to spical resturant.