Sunday, February 24, 2008

Summary #2

In the article, "Are cell phones progress-Or More stress?" by Nan Little on July 01, 2007, the author said several things about the cell phones and the most know thing is that the cell phones has become an important thing in people's lives. Also it makes people's lives easier than before. Moreover, there are many studies which showed that most of the British students use text messages to contact each other more than talking by the cell phone. There are some people who don't like to talk by the cell phone and are scared that someone watches them because they have anxiety from something wrong he or she did. Finally, the other study showed cell phones cause stress, disquiet and depression for some people.

Reference: Little, N. (2007, Jul.10). Are cell phone progress-Or More Stress? Retrieved Jan. 28, 2008. From this website

Summary #1

In the article " Cash flow not debt causes students stress," it talks about how cash not debt causes students stress and by the British Psychological Society's annual conference at the University of Manchester,Adrian Scott. In the article Dr. Scott questioned 268 students about their problems with money and the size of their students debt. In the next part it talks about the researcher's results after they asked the students. Moreover, Doctor Scott says a lot of important things from his results, such as " Often the amount of money students can borrow is not enough for their daily needs, and the resulting financial difficulties may lead to depression, anxiety and stress". Also the researcher describes some keys and thins to fix this problem. Finally, there are two students from the same university who give their opinion about the researcher research.

Reference: Ewing, E, and Jasper, R. (2005,April 4). Cash flow not debt causes student stress. From this website

Fluency EX.8

The weather that we had in Carbondale is unusual and it is way different from the weather in my country. The weather in my country in the summer is very hot but at night is nice, and in Carbondale the weather in the summer is very nice, nicer than my country's weather. Also in the cold season it becomes very cold, but we don't have snow over there. But in Carbondale we got the very cold weather and even the people who live in Carbondale say that they haven't had this much snow since 2000 or 2001. Also Carbondale has TORNADOES,but in my country we never saw a TORNADO over there. Moreover, here in Carbondale we have a lot of rain but in my country has become last year and this year stronger and colder. Finally, I think in the future the weather will become stronger in Carbondale too.

Fluency EX.7

There are a lot of beautiful cities in the world. Also, people get confused when they are going to move to another city, because each city is better than the other. I think the best city in the world to live in is Miami. Miami has a lot of good things for living. The main reason that makes me think that Miami is the best city is that there are a lot of international people, who make me think that I am not going to be alien. Also when we compare between Miami and other cities, we are going to find that you don't have to spend as much money as people spend in other cities. Moreover, the other reason for me to live in Miami and makes it the best city for me in the world that the weather in Miami is very similar to the weather in my country. Also Miami doesn't have as much crime as the other cities have, so I can live safely. Finally, it has a lot of jobs, so I can secure my future and be sure that I am going to handle my kids and my wife's day trips.

Fluency EX.6

The good thing about speaking with my friends online is that it did not cost me that much money. Also, in some situations it let me be in touch with my friends most of the time more than cell phones. For example, when I came to the United States of America I can not call all my friends from time to time because it is going to cost me too much money, but after I suggested using online chatting, it did not cost me that much money. Moreover, there are some problems when I speak to my friends online. Sometimes I think there is no serious talk between us; it is all going to be asking how we are doing, playing together and kidding. Also we are losing time more than with other kinds of communication, and these problems come from the fact that we do not talk seriously, we are just having fun. Also, sometimes it does not let me pay attention to what he or she said. Finally, there is one more thing that I don't know the answer for, which is that sometimes I talk more openly to my friends than with the other kinds of communications.

Fluency EX.5

At SIUC university people are drinking too much alcohol. Also, people want drinking alcohol to be legal from age 18. Moreover, some of the people drink alcohol every day. Alcohol drinking at SIUC is very dangerous because a lot of people when they drink alcohol drive their cars. Many of the people at SIUC drink alcohol legally. But SIUC is way different than the universities in my country. The first thing that is different; almost none of the people drink alcohol because it is illegal in my country. Also the people who drink alcohol in my country can not go out to the street while they are drunk. When the police arrest the person who drinks alcohol from different ages, they have to put them in jail even if he is over 21. Drinking alcohol in my culture and my religion is a taboo.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fluency Ex#4

When I went to Lose Angeles, there were a lot of good resturants, but in my opinion the best resturant is the Italian resturant. First, this resturant is so expensive, but the food that they make is very healthy and very delicious. They have different kinds of food such as margarita pizza, garlic cheese breads and lasanga. Also they have different kinds of drinks. Moreover, the good thing is that they make the food in the front of you. Sometimes they make a party and this party will go crazy, like house parties and the night clubs, so there are a lot of people you go to meet and chat with. Also the resturant is located in Los Angeles' downtown, and that makes it easy to get to the resturant. We know a lot of people like seafood and this resturant is very famous for sea food. Also there is one thing I forgot to tell, which is a very good thing, that when you order you will get your order very quickly, in four or five minutes, not like the other resturants. Finally, this resturant is a very big resturant, it can take over 100 people to sit inside the resturant.

Fluency Ex#3

We know that students sometimes get stress from the TOEFL test. And sometimes it improves their scores and sometimes it make them worse. When I take the TOEFL test I feel very comfortable, and that makes my scores go up. But the problem is when we take the TOEFL exam and we start with it, we are going to get confused by some of the questions. After these confusing questions I have stress, then I'll have a big problem which is that I am going to think about these confusing questions and I'll lose a lot of time. So when I lose a lot of time I won't have time to read all the questions, and these problems make you get more stress. So all these things makes the scores worse. When I get the right answers I'll blow the stress away and I feel more comfortable to answer the other questions. Also when I feel comfortable I'll have a lot of time to use with the confusing questions, so that will make my scores go up.

Fluency Ex#2

We know that is each person has to have stress. Also the stress is different from person to person, and the same stress is different from level to level. But the problem is there are a lot of people don't know how to deal with stress or how to fight stress to put it away. A lot of people fight stress by using exercises or talking to somebody or smoking. A lot of time I fight stress I smoke a lot and talk to someone that I know very well. The thing that is working out most with me to get the stress away is doing exercise, because I always have stress when I get angry. So, I exercise and get my anger off, and after I get my anger away, the stress will go away too. All these things are very helpful. also if I am not going to control myself and know how to deal with the stress I think that I am going to have disease problems, such as heart attack and cancer from the earliest age.

Fluency Ex#1

I already planned for my future job and i decided to work with Saudi Cultura Mission. I plan to be an adviser for students. Also, I'll work with the financial part. I plan to work there because i'll have a lot of money and a lot of knowledge of people. Moreover, in this job I don't have to work a lot of time. For example, there are people who work more than 6 hours a day, but with this job I am going to work about 5 or 6 hours a day and sometimes less than that. But it does not mean that this job is so easy; it is hard sometimes, because the person who is going to work there has to have responsibility. what I have been thinking about is that I am going to be far away frim my family and how I am going to be allowed to stay and work in the USA. These all are disadvantages. But the advantage is that I'll know a lot of important people and I'll have a chance to help the people who need help, and this will be good to get people to like me.