Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fluency EX.8

The weather that we had in Carbondale is unusual and it is way different from the weather in my country. The weather in my country in the summer is very hot but at night is nice, and in Carbondale the weather in the summer is very nice, nicer than my country's weather. Also in the cold season it becomes very cold, but we don't have snow over there. But in Carbondale we got the very cold weather and even the people who live in Carbondale say that they haven't had this much snow since 2000 or 2001. Also Carbondale has TORNADOES,but in my country we never saw a TORNADO over there. Moreover, here in Carbondale we have a lot of rain but in my country has become last year and this year stronger and colder. Finally, I think in the future the weather will become stronger in Carbondale too.

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