Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fluency EX.7

There are a lot of beautiful cities in the world. Also, people get confused when they are going to move to another city, because each city is better than the other. I think the best city in the world to live in is Miami. Miami has a lot of good things for living. The main reason that makes me think that Miami is the best city is that there are a lot of international people, who make me think that I am not going to be alien. Also when we compare between Miami and other cities, we are going to find that you don't have to spend as much money as people spend in other cities. Moreover, the other reason for me to live in Miami and makes it the best city for me in the world that the weather in Miami is very similar to the weather in my country. Also Miami doesn't have as much crime as the other cities have, so I can live safely. Finally, it has a lot of jobs, so I can secure my future and be sure that I am going to handle my kids and my wife's day trips.

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