Sunday, February 24, 2008

Summary #1

In the article " Cash flow not debt causes students stress," it talks about how cash not debt causes students stress and by the British Psychological Society's annual conference at the University of Manchester,Adrian Scott. In the article Dr. Scott questioned 268 students about their problems with money and the size of their students debt. In the next part it talks about the researcher's results after they asked the students. Moreover, Doctor Scott says a lot of important things from his results, such as " Often the amount of money students can borrow is not enough for their daily needs, and the resulting financial difficulties may lead to depression, anxiety and stress". Also the researcher describes some keys and thins to fix this problem. Finally, there are two students from the same university who give their opinion about the researcher research.

Reference: Ewing, E, and Jasper, R. (2005,April 4). Cash flow not debt causes student stress. From this website

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