Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1.My name is suliman.

2.I am from Saudi Arabia.

3.I am 20 years old.

4.My magier is computer engenering.

5.My favorit sport is volyboll.

6.I have been in carbondale for 9 munths.

7.I like to watch amovie.

8.My favorit hoppies play card.

9.I live in big house in saudi arabia in al Qaseem.

10.I like Action movie,For example,diyhard,empasepol misstion.

11.I like my family.

12.I am tha only son in my family.

13.My best friend is faisal.

14.I like pizza.

15.I like to cook.

16.I love traviling arauond tha world.

17.I grow up in al Qaseem ,Saudi Arabia.

18.I am friendly and going on in huing out with my friends.

19.I haet tha person how is unkind with me .

20.I like fish.

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