Monday, April 2, 2007

Alternatives to Marriage

I went to this website and it show to us the people who living together and how many people they live together with an unmarried partner includes both same-sex and different-sex and the different between women and men. Moreover,it explane to the people who living alone and how many of them, in the same way they explane to unmarried childbearing and parenting,General information marital status. They gave us persentage for the people who median age at first marriage and marital status of american adults from 1890 until 2000, and what people think about unmarried relationships.

My opinion:
I like this website because it show us american cultur and the way that they use to live and whats the thing that changed in this cultur from last 20 years and to see and to figur out the problem in this people and what happend to try to fix this things for. That the good thing in this web site to tell the people look at this persentage and see what the problem because this way is bad for american people and this problem is grow up so lets every one try to be ok with this things and haveing fun with his life.

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