Monday, April 9, 2007

Tornados, different shapes and sizes

I visited to this website and it talk about different kind of TORNADOES for people dont know and never seen TORNADO. the web site show 5 kinds and this kinds is The Wedge Tornado,Another Wedge Tornado With A Different Appearance and A Classic Tornado etc. Each kind show how is this TORNADO dingrus and TORNADO size and where this TORANDO usualy happend and when and is it wide or not. Also they show pichturs for each kind.

In my opinion before i went to this web site i read the title and it's gave me Attention to read it because there is people never seen TORNADO like me, so it's Benefit to keep people eyes open and tell people when they see TORNADO stay at home and becarfull, so all the meaning for this web site Warning people from TORNADO and show the diffrent and i likw this web because it's very important to me and important for people never seen TORNADO.

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