Monday, September 17, 2007

Reading Reaction #1


Turner,B. (2007,June 19). Cool USB flash Memory Storage. Retrieved from this website


In Brian Turner's “Cool USB Flash Memory Storage,’’ he explains how we know flash memory. First, he gives us a definition of USB and a lot of information about that. Second, he talks about how we know USB is good or bad. Also, USB has a lot of advantages. However, it has a lot of disadvantages. Next, he is comparing between USB, Floppy disk and DVD. The USB storage will also help people to save a lot of information.

Reaction :

It is great that USB storage is very important for people. I am interested in that, we cannot do anything without USB. For example, when I want to write anything about my school or my work, I use USB to save it. It is very important to pick up USB with you always. Today, most schools in the world give their student USB to save homework. I sometimes use it to save my homework. For example, It has a big size to save a lot of information. However, it has a disadvantage; for example it is easy to lose because it is very small size. Also, it supports me any where; I cannot do some things with it.

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