Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reading Reaction #2

Reference: Hitti, M. (2007, June 29). 5 Types of alcoholics Identified. Retrieved from this website.


According to Mental Health on June 29, 2007, by Miranda Hitti, New research find five types of alcoholics. Howard Moss MD says most of high percent of young adult in the USA drink alcohol. Also, Many younger people in the USA have a problem with alcohol. According NIAA from 2001 to 2002 publish survey about alcohol in USA they found five sub types of alcoholics which is the young adult subtype, the young antisocial subtype, the functional subtype and the intermediate familial subtype.

In my opinion alcoholism is a very serious problem anywhere, not only in the USA. People should not drink alcohol too much because alcohol affects the human body. Also alcohol affects our health, for example, liner disease, brain damage, cancer, and risk for women when she is pregnant. First, drinking alcohol too much affects social life for humans. Moreover, its effect is to increase crime and increase divorce; it also affects teen behavior. The thing that people have more trouble with when they drink alcohol is finance problem; that is it lets the people lose their money. However, health center and social centers should make education for people and explain how alcohol affect them. Finally, government should make strick rules for people who drink underage and protect teens from this problem.

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