Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Reading reaction #3

Reference: Patton,D. What is cancer?. Retrieved from this website.


In the article what is cancer the author discuses what cancer actually is, some causes of cancer ways a doctor maybe able to find out of someone has cancer and treatment on how to hopefully eliminate the cancer. The Arthur first discuses cancer as abnormal cell that grow out of control and don’t die. She also states that group of cancer cells it’s called tumor cancer cells that spread to a new place on the body is called metastasis also she said the possible causes of cancer and if someone has certain symptoms from cancer then doctor has several methods of diagnosing. Lastly she talks about how to treat the cancer.


The writer mention the basic of cancer and if someone knows nothing this will be a good article to learn from it. I agree with Avery thing that she was saying but unfortunately cancer is often terminal illness. Also she has Avery positive attitude about treating cancer which is good. The best part of the article when she talks about ways to treat cancer.

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