Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Reading Reaction #4

Reference: By the website. Smoking. Retrieved from this website.


The article about smoking talks about women and smoking. From the tobacco industry targeting women to risks of smoking in pregnant women, the author states that smoking is similar to a “full-blown epidemic”. The problems associated with smoking are paramount in both men and women, however, with women, it affects reproductive qualities. Next, the article talks about the basics of nicotine and why we are addicted to tobacco. The author also states that the tobacco industry spends so much money to lure young adults, women especially, to start smoking. Lastly, the article talks about the risks involved with smoking while using birth control and smoking while pregnant. Both risks are dangerous to not only a baby, but also young children.


This article is very good. It has lots of evidence to support what it says. I never knew how nicotine reacts with the brain to make people addicted. This article is very detailed. Also, there are so many risks and diseases that I did not know that could come from just smoking. I also did not know that the tobacco industry targets women by showing fit and thin pictures of women in advertisements and movies. Also, it shows how women are happy smoking, but in reality, they are very miserable. Smoking is a very addictive and dangerous habit that affects not only the smoker, but also the people surrounding the smoker. The tobacco industry targets young people because the old people that are smoking will die soon, so they need a new generation to get money from.

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