Sunday, March 30, 2008

Summary response

In the article "Controversy blights UN net summit" the author discuses the people's idea about the Internet hackers. Also, it shows the Tunisians' anger about the Internet hackers. The people who live in Tunis want the government to arrest the hackers, because they are entering the people's privacy. People use the Internet a lot for different things that the hackers can see, suck as shopping, contact with other people and tranferring money sometimes.

First, people who are shopping from the internet should be careful with these guys who are hacking, because when people shop on the internet they have to use their Credit or Visa card numbers, so when the hackers enter their computers and hack, they can steal your card number and use your money. This way to steal is the easiest way for the hackers to do because I asked a hacker and he said they could do this unless they have safety programs. For example, someday one of the people sent me a page which looked like an page, but the safety program ignored this website because it was fake, but the way that the person sent me this letter he or she could take my infomation and use it them.

Second, the hackers can see your conversations and your communications with other people. Internet users should be careful about what they say in the Internet conversations, because maybe someone sees their conversation and saves it if it is important. For example, most of the time I chat with my other friend in a special room, and while we talk someone enters the room that we stayed in, and he takes the micro from us and he says that if he wants enter our computers he will do it, but entering the room without his knowing the security number is enough.

Third, many people who live outsite their countries use the banks' websites to transfer money. When the people use the bank websites, they have to have a password and nicknames to their account, but when the hackers enter your computer, he can take all the information and transfer the money to his account without your knowing. For example, one of my friends does not use the internet a lot, but he uses the banks' page most of the time; this person did not put the security program in his computer, so after he logged on to the bank websites he founf a person moving the mouse without his touching it, then he logged off and he went to his brother's computer and changed the password and the nicknames in a fast way.

In conclusion, there are many ways that the hackers can enter and see your information. But the biggest things that the hackers are intersted in are shopping, contacting other people and transfarring money, sometimes because the hackers just like to see other people's privacey information, not to help people.

Reference: Twist, J. (2005, November 18) Controversy blights UN net summit. BBC News. Retrieved on March 19, 2008, from

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