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Direct Tv, Research paper

Direct Television is a common thing in today’s world. Many stations offers these services to allow people to have a variety of channels and enjoy what we call television. The competition on the market is getting harder for people because they have to improve their product. Innovation is one solution for this problems that’s why the competition is very difficult in the United States. It is all about digital television because direct television means digital transmissions. According to a magazine on the net “Digital TV Facts”(,n.d.para.1), “ Digital TV (DTV) is a newer form of technology used for sending television broadcasts to your home”. Today, many people love digital television because they enjoy watching television this way. Technology is what makes this possible because of scientists. People are improving everyday for a better way of living without risks. Direct television started growing after the industrial revolution and the need for people to allow better television into their life. Early in the 20th century, television was broadcasted. Lately, DirecTV is still in use by people in today’s world. DirecTV has many advantages, however there is a problem with the transition about Digital Television. We should not use DirecTV because of the bad programs, the transition can affect people and because of the reception.

According to The History of Direct Television, “in 1981 satellite Broadcasting was founded by Stanley Hubbard. Hubbard approached General Motors and RCA Consumer Electronics to develop a satellite service capable of delivering over 150 channels to an 18-inch dish. An agreement is made for the two to develop satellite television that would carry DirecTV and USSB ( US Satellite Broadcasting) services. After years in 1995 DirecTV authorizes Toshiba and Undine to begin the manufacturing of DBS systems. Thanks to strong advertising with a committed $170 million budget, subscriptions grow to 1,200,000.
According to S.Aubra (2008, para.3), “After months of investigation, we found that Direct TV has problems with their HD service and that they are knowingly overcharging customers for services NOT rendered. They are either hiding or ignoring important problems. Many of the complaints are related to their new HR21 high definition (HD) DVR receiver/recorder”. Many people are complaining about what DirecTV services. They have a bad reputation in the business market and are not doing anything to change their status. They are just using the green washing technique to escape from people opinions about what they really are. DirecTV is being charging people for extra fees and failing to provide good services to his customers. According to S.Aubra (2008,para.4), “The Oregon Herald has been able to document that their flagship HD HR21 receiver/dvr indeed does not work in significant and very important ways. We tested multiple HR21 boxes. The HR21 Category Search feature does not work correctly. After a Search is made in a highly populated category with thousands of results, Search crashes then reloads to the beginning of the Search, making it impossible to search further than a few hours for events, programs, moves,etc, even on the same Search Day. For practical purposes, a comprehensive Direct TV search is nearly useless. It wouldn't be so important except that searching for programs is one of the most important features of any DVR. We can blame this on the Direct TV engineering and programming department. It's a mess. There are so many bugs that it appears search programming code as well as other code must have been written by sloppy poorly trained individuals who have no idea what they're doing.” DirecTV engineers have problems with the materials they are producing and don’t really know how to deal with it. They have to stop cheating on people and provide good services for the customers to be satisfied. DirecTV should not be used because of the bad programs, it can affect people and the reception.
First, DirecTV should not be used because of the bad programs. A DirecTV program is a system that work through satellite. Therefore, it offers more channels than the analog television. More channels means that our children can be faced to bad television programs and that is restricted for them to watch. Children this days are very stubborn and what you tell them to not do is what they do. We have to find a way of controlling all these channels because of our children. A bad education can be a bad growing youth for tomorrow’s society. Many of the retailers that offers satellite service are confronted to that. Television in general can affect children when they watched it. According to E.Charlotte & M.Grayson ( 2005, para.2), “Researchers found nonaggressive children who had been exposed to high levels of media violence had similar patterns of activity in an area of the brain linked to self-control and attention as aggressive children who had been diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorder.” watching television is a good thing for people to enjoy. But we have to protect our children from bad programs. There are too many bad programs in today’s world and we have to be careful about it.
Second, DirecTV should not be used because of their inefficacity of satisfying customers. Many customers are complaining about DirecTV services. They cheat on people by letting them pay extra fees for nothing. People are being introducing a survey about DirecTV and their problems. Even though DirecTV is a group of people offering satellite services, they really don’t care about their customers. According to S.Aubra (2008, para.6), “In addition to the Search problems, Series Program recordings, when played back, are all too often found to be blank. They may not be apparent if you're not in the habit of recording lots of TV series programs. The magic number of recordable events seems to be around 100. After that magic number, all too often attempts to record further programs is met with disaster.” there are so many imperfection with DirecTV that they don’t even care. For a country like the United States, they should be more relativity and more professionalism in their work.
Finally, DirecTV should not be used because of the bad reception. As many retailers that offers satellite service, they are encounter to face storms. Bad winds, and storms make the DirecTV signal very bad. When rains touch the surface of the DirecTV cable, it automatically make you lose signal and the image disappear or stay static. According to Khatleen.Hurst (2006, Q.6), “I’m sure you’ve heard about how whenever it storms, people’s satellite go out. Yeah, they weren’t lying. Not only does it go out during storm, but sometimes, even when a good wind blows, you can pretty much plan on finding something more constructive to do than watch TV”. Weather is one bad factor that really affect signals for most of the retailers that offer satellite transmission. If the installation is also badly fixed, then it will go away or remove itself from your roof and you will lose signal too. Suppliers of these services have to look for a better way where they can satisfy customers and be more efficient on the market. Today’s market is growing really fast and people need accuracy in any new product that come to the market. We can’t fight against weather but we can try to focus on how to bring a new way of signal without interference to the people.
Opponents argue that DirecTV is good and we should use it. They argue that DirecTV gives more channels than the analog television and more options for viewers. According to Whitney. A (n.d., para.5,6), “More advantages of satellite TV lie in HDTV and DVR systems. HDTV is also known as high definition and allows a much larger resolution for viewing, as well as enhanced surround sound. At a resolution of 1280x1080 content is 2-5 times sharper on television sets. If you have a quality digital television set this will replace your need for an HD player or Playstation 3 as you can watch classic movies and new releases on satellite TV. The DVR system is a means of digitally recording and playing back network programming. You can program your system to record all of your favorite dramas and sitcoms without having to configure a timer. Even if you're trying to follow a rapidly changing fall schedule on network TV you can still count on a DVR recorder. A DVR system also allows you to rewind live TV to catch another take of a great moment. While it is true that cable TV may offer DVR options, they are usually higher priced. Satellite TV also offers some upfront purchases of DVR players, which could be less expensive than paying by the month.
When it comes to satellite TV, the advantage is that this technology offers more options than cable and for far less money.” They really stick to that advantages saying it is better to have and enjoy real television.
In conclusion, DirecTV is a good service that reply with the era that we are in now. Technology is still improving and scientist are the one making it possible. However, there is still some problem with DirecTV that owners of the company should try to fix and satisfy customers. Without customers there is no business and no revenue for any society. Therefore, comes the ruin of that company. They have to steps forward and make life betterfor their customers. All the problems they are facing is due to negligence of their part and the bad training of their engineers.

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The topic of this paper is the problems that DirecTV have. There are three reason for this argument which are the bad programs. Second, their inefficacity of satisfying customers. Finally, DirecTv has bad reception. It also talks about how people feel about what DirecTV offer them as service.


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