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Coral Reefs

The topic of this paper is coral reefs. It argues that people are doing bad things that affect the coral reef. There are three things that people do and it cause the coral reef pollution. They dig oil over the sea, throw leftovers in the sea, and fish. These are the most common problems, and I will talk about the solutions for these problems and why we should solve them.
Have you ever been under the water in the sea, and seen the sea lives? Could you imaging the sea without life? That is what will happen in the future if we don't quit doing bad things which effect the Coral reef. Coral reef is one of the most important things in the sea to save the sea lives and save people from natural disaster. According to Rachel Oliver, “Coral reefs are home 20 25 percent of the world’s marine fish species, and cover 1 percent of the Earth’s surface, making them the largest single livin structure on Earth. There are now also one of the most endangered: as of the end of this year, for the first time in history coral reefs have been included on the World Conservation Union’s Red List of Threatened Species.” Coral reefs filter the sea water and make oxygen for fish. Coral reefs also save the beach from high waves. Coral reefs have many advantages that humans don't know about. Also, people need to have more knowledge about the sea and the life in sea. Humans cause many problems for coral. They damage and kill the coral without paying attention to it. People don't care about the future. We have to protect the Coral reefs from anything that will affect the coral reefs before it is too late, because when we don’t give any attention to it we will lose one of the natural beauty and one of the most important thing in the sea lives. The most common three problems that cause by human are digging oil under the sea, throwing leftovers in the sea, and fishing. You can see the problem and the solution and why we have to save the coral reefs when you read the hole paper.
First, digging for oil under the sea is one of the causes that kill Coral reefs. There are many countries which get oil from the sea. They put machines in the water to get the oil. Those machines have chemical things which affect the sea lives. The oil that they pull out is also has chemicals which cause the sea pollution. They don't care about the percentage of damages that they did as much oil they will get. When the oil gets out it will kill the Coral reef and as we know that the Coral reef is one of the important things for the sea lives There are many different kinds of fish which use the coral as a home, and find their food from the coral. When we kill the coral, that means we are also killing the fish, because when the fish do not find food or homes they could not protect themselves from the dangerous things. In conclusion, we have to save the coral reef to save the other sea lives.
Second, throwing leftovers in the sea. there are many people who like to get rid of the leftovers in the easy way. They throw it in the sea, and they do not care about the effect of it on the sea lives. They do not know that the effect of this is going to return to them. For example, when they kill the sea lives they will have many problem like a natural disaster. The government should give these people who throw the leftovers in the sea some punishment to stop them. When they give them some punishment like tickets or something like that, they will not do those things again. They will think before doing that thing about the punishment that they will get, and they will not do it. This is a good idea to make the sea cleaner and to save the sea lives. In conclusion, we have to think about how we could clean the sea not about how we could make it dirty to save the sea lives.
Finally, fishing is a problem for sea lives. People who make business by fishing do not care about the sea lives. They just care about the money. When they are fishing they try to catch as much as they could. They do not catch just fish. When they throw out their net they do not know what they will catch. When they catch fish with the coral reef they could not get that reef back to the sea, so they kill the reef and they do not know about that they will lose their money in the future. When the sea does not have coral, then the fish will not find food or a home to protect themselves. The fish will die when they do not find food or home then the fishermen could not go fishing, because they will not find fish in the sea. in conclusion, the fishermen should care about the coral to save the fish, and not lose it in future.
In conclusion, there are many reason that make people save the coral reef. when they think about the future they will try to save the coral reef as much as they could. The government could give some help to save the coral reef. when the government gives people who effect the coral reef lives some punishment, then we will have few coral reefs which are affected by humans. People could move the sea lives from that place where they need to dig for the oil before they do anything, then they could do what they want without affecting the coral reef lives. People should try to be cleaner not dirty. They should recycle the leftovers and not throw them in the sea. The fishermen could do many things to save the coral reef lives, like using the technology when they need to fish. They could Try fishing with a hook, not by the net, to save the coral reef life.
Coral reefs are one of the important thins in the sea lives, so we have to save them and find some solutions to save the coral reefs. Also the overnment should stop the people and give them a ticket, if they have been fishinggg illegally, because when they o fishing they take out some of the coral reefs with them and as soon as the coreal reefs get out of the water and under the ground it will die very fast. According to library. (n.d) there are a lot of ways to save coral reefs and some of the ways are, “one, Support reef-friendly businesses. Ask what your dive shop, boating store, tour operators, hotel, and other coastal businesses are doing to save the coral reefs. This is especially important in coastal areas with reefs. Let them know you are an informed consumer and care about reefs. Two, don’t use chemically enhanced pesticides and fertilizers.” Anyway there are a lot of good solutions for coral reefs but I think those are the easiest and most helpful.
Here at this time we should protect and save the coral reefs to save and help the sea lives. Also the coral reefs has a lot of thins to do with animals and plants that live there. This is important, because just like the tropical rainforests, coral reefs may be the source of medicines, chemicals or other resources that haven’t even been discovered yet, and unless we save these environments, we’ll never get the chance to discover. Coral reefs are beautiful places, and provide income from tourists to many otherwise poor countries around the world. Finally, it is important to protect the reefs we have today, because they can’t be replaced.
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