Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Practice Summary response

This article was focused on Asian society, and its community based on the fact that there is more man than women. The gender imbalance that is appearing is major a threat to their stability because researchers say that more men will leave the country to find women to mate with, or it will lead to an increase in prostitution, or other violent crimes against women. It also quotes on that by 2050, "the number of men would outweigh that of women by 33 million in India, and by 25 million in China" even if the current imbalance is declined. Seeking on the fact that in their country due to economic reasons the male is needed over the female, so most of the women that have several girls choose to abort their progenies until they have a boy. A French demographer by the name of Christopher Guilmoto believes that if you change their society views on the way they look at women, and improve the gender equality laws, this will help improve their community. They also are requesting that the younger women be included in the rituals and ceremonies that are rationally required of the younger males.

The views of women in their countries really need to be looked at and have some kind of action taken upon them. Giving women the right to more opportunities to do what a guy can do will be a good start in helping the rights of their women. I know you need more men to build but you also need more women to mate with, make families with, and to do the things that guys can't do.

I learned a lot from this article; I can't believe the percentage of males there are over females. I also believe that their society is in for a major disaster if they don't do something quickly about the women population in their countries. The fact they abort after having so many girls is ludicrous to me, because I see that the more women you have the more chances of pregnancy, which brings the more chances of boys or girls. I'm not a big fan of abortion because it is like stopping the life circle, and what ever the gender the child is it should be given the love and respect life has to bring.

In conclusion, the article talks about how the major male population percentage there is over that of the females, and if there is nothing done about it their countries will be over male populated. If the gender equality laws don't change quickly, not only will the men leave the country but the women will also. I also think if they involve the younger females into what the younger boys are doing they will be more in touch with themselves to do some of the things they may have not been able to. If women are not here to reproduce who's going to do it? So in all if they don't get more women in their countries they will have more sex related crimes, and will lose a lot of the men they need due to the fact they have no women to mate with.

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