Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summary Response #2

In the article "China's surplus of sons: A geopolitical time bomb," they speak on the criticism that China has been getting on the fact that they have more men than women. The fact that they use the ultrasound machine to determine if they will keep the boy or kill the girl seed is being stressed that people change their One Child policy. They also stress the fact that they will have more sex related crimes committed in due time, and that the younger males that are growing up will not have any women to mate with. I'm going to give my insight on what I think about the way they use the ultrasound to discriminate on the gender of a child, and why I think they should change their One Child policy laws, and what I think would happen if the males do not have any females to mate with.

First off, in China they force a One Child policy, which means families can only have one child, and this forced a lot of parents to abort the females until they have a boy. By using the ultrasound they can determine if they want to have the girl or not; if it is a boy it's a definite go, but now it's starting to hurt their society. In the article it says that, "Worldwide, there are already 100 million girls missing due to sex-selective abortion," and they believe that 50 million of these girls are from China. The ultrasound was allowing people to have choices, and to know what they have not to be forced into things they and their family do not agree to. Families there feel that the boy can make more money for the families, so they feel that the women have no value, which indeed they do. How could you have boys if women doesn’t have them? Or while the man works, as they feel he should be the main money provider, who is going to take care of the household. I believe that if they don't do something about how much abortion a person can have, their population is going to decrease and their economy will slow down.

Secondly, the article spoke on the China's One Child policy, because it's starting to become a factor in their future. If you take a person's right to have as many children as they want you take away their right to say how many boys or girls they want. I believe that any life shouldn’t be taken especially if it hasn’t had the chance to live or even know what death means. If they don't do something fast about the population of women in their country, they will have no women to mate with in the future. They need to take action on their One Child policy to take some of the stress of what to do with their pregnancies, which is eliminating some of their females from even making it to birth.

Finally, I believe that if that all the families in China continue to abort the females, then the males will not have anyone to mate with. You almost can say that they're headed for extinction because if you don't have a partner to mate with, then your breed can no longer exist, and that is why there's two of everything, from humans to animals. Also, if the men in China don't have anyone to mate with then they might not want to stay there anymore and may migrate to new countries. Also, in the article they believe that more sex crimes will be committed, or that men will become more abusive to women in the future. I also have a belief that you would think more of their man would turn out to be gay.

In conclusion, I have given you my insight on what I think about the way they use the ultrasound to discriminate on the gender of a child, why I think China should change their One Child policy, and what I think would happen if the males do not have any more females to mate with. I believe that China has a lot to look at if they want a good future for their youth, economy, and population.

Frogoso, M. (2007, Oct 19). China’s surplus of sons: Ageopolitical time bomb. Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved on July 7, 2008, from LexisNexis.

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