Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summary Response #3

In the article "China vows to halt growing gender ratio imbalance", they touch on the fact that the Chinese authorities said they are going to lock down on fetus gender testing and sex-selective abortions. They also say that they are going to do more to help the equality laws of men and women. The Chinese government is also saying that they’re going to give out cash incentives to girl only families. I'm going to sum up some of the things that they plan to do about sex-selective abortions, what they are planning to do far as equality laws, and why I think that they should give out the cash incentives to the girl only families.

First, the Chinese government should say that if anybody that conducts an illegal sex-selective abortion will be seriously punished. A document from the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council says that there will be more protection of baby girls for if anyone was to abandon, injure, or hurt their mothers they will be punished. The Government is also putting more of a watch on the hospital and clinics that use ultra-sound machines and that give out abortion medicines.

Secondly, in 2000 China launched a "care for girls" campaign to help promote the equality between men and women. Getting the girls to do some of the things men can do i believe is a good start in helping decrease imbalance they are facing. As for the economy they need the women to step up and learn more of the things that guys have been doing that they have not been able to do. I really think that changing their laws will be a good step in their fight of population imbalance.

Thirdly, the Chinese government has giving out cash incentives for girl only families. Families that don't have any guy at all will really need these because if the girls have not been taught to be able to do what a guy can do, it will be hard to make any kind of money working. This money I believe can help pay the bills or help in any schooling or job training they will need to get by.

In all, I have spoke on my views of what China plans to do about sex-selective abortions, what China plans to do about its equality laws, and why I think they should give out the cash incentives. I believe that if China keeps their mind on their female population for a while they may put some kind of decrease in their countries imbalanced.

BBC Worldwide Monitoring. (2007, January 22). China vows to half growing gender ratio imbalance. Retrieved on July 7, 2008, from Lexis-Nexis.

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