Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Smoking Marjiuana

There are a lot of people who smoke marijuana in the United States of America. People say that smoking marijuana is going to affect the brain and it will increase the crime percentage. Also people have been arguing about whether the government should legalize smoking marijuana or not. I think smoking there are no effects of smoking marijuana. The government should legalize smoking marijuana, because, first, it is not an effect drug, second, it helps to decrease the other crimes, and third, legalization can help the economy.

First, smoking marijuana will not affect people’s life or health. Smoking marijuana is like having a beer and enjoying your time and relaxing. A lot of people said that smoking marijuana will affect the human’s brains and will increase the accidents and deaths by overdoses. But I have never heard that somebody had an accident because of smoking marijuana, also, I have never heard that somebody died from overdoses of smoking marijuana. The biggest example that support my idea, which is legalizing smoking marijuana is Amsterdam. In Amsterdam smoking marijuana is legal; after people argued about this subject, Amsterdam tried to find if what the people talked about was true or not. In the end they found that there was no increase of crimes and no increase of deaths because of smoking marijuana so we should have it.

Second, it helps to decrease the crimes. When the government legalizes smoking marijuana people will smoke and the effect of smoking marijuana is to let the people calm down and relax and try not to have any trouble. So that will helps the government to decrease the crime. According to K. Benna (2005, para 6), “Marijuana prohibition takes valuable resources away from law enforcement that could be used much more productively to pursue murderers, rapists, thieves, or any other more serious criminals”.

Third, Legalizing having and smoking Marijuana will help people to have money. There are a lot of different kinds of marijuana, and some people know how to grow marijuana very well and some people don’t, so the different kinds of marijuana will have different prices because of the good quality or not good quality. Some people cannot afford to pay the high prices for the good marijuana, so they will buy the regular. And the people who can afford paying the expensive marijuana will buy it. In both ways, which is growing marijuana, people will have money because of having it. “Taxpayers are forced to pay billions of dollars to persecute, prosecute, and incarcerate people for having marijuana. If marijuana were legal and regulated (like alcohol and tobacco) this money, plus tax revenues from marijuana sales, could be used for other purposes such as education and health care.” (marijuana legalization Associate, 200, para.2). That means some people don’t want the other people to spend money on marijuana and they prefer to use the money that they spend on education and similar things, but what we should do is to let it be fair between the people who do not smoke and the people who do smoke marijuana, by giving money for the education and other stuff, and also spending money on marijuana.

In conclusion, there are a lot of arguments about this subject; also there are a lot of people who want to have marijuana be legal. Also the government should legalize smoking marijuana because of three things; first, it is not an effective drug, second, it helps to decrease the other crimes, and third, it helps to have money.

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mykee said...

Not harmful at all.....!!!!

mykee said...

Goodevening! Will never no what's the seceret in to why the Government won't legalize Marjiuana. They are some big time liar's. This is what I think, it might help are (Eco-Funds) and it might not. But one thing for sure. I smoke Marjiuana often, after I smoke I just be chill'in sitting on Ice. Some people may not be the same way I am, some people may act silly and just giggle alot, some may develope a big hunger for food and snacks. But I never heard of somebody killing somebody else cause they was smoking marjiuana, but people drink alcohol and then they stabb & shoot others,and that's not an issue. It's just something else to the story with this. The Government turns common sence in to non-sence. I "quote" myself, when I smoke on a break at work I be more in to my work and keeps me focused. And I've done that at several (2) jobs. Legalize marjiuana or not I'll still be smoking because the Government still allow it in the Country any way. It not a big matter to them. Them Government officals all smoke marjiuana, the occupations they have don't consist on working with machines or equipment. It just suits & ties. There wives and there husbands smoke too.