Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Johnny Cash

I went to this website and it talked about aninteresting man. His site has alot of things to show it and for people to learn from this man. There are alot of photos of Johnny Cash from when he was a young until he was an old man, and he has ageneral store for clothing and it shows his picture and has name on it. There is information about his life. There is video music and Forum/chat to talk with people who like this person and some biography for Johnny Cash and you can download his picture and music.

In my opinion, Ilike this website because it has alot of things that are important to me like music, clothing, picture and stories about this man. From another way I like country music more than any music. Iwould like to say that they should put more pictures and music and stories that because people like this person, and I see the website has no more news, or because he is dead they should putsome new things.


Oberon said...

.......watch the movie....walk the line.....about johnny cash.....you will like it.

ashoog said...

hi dub
why did you think the websit should put more pictuers?

Kwang sub Sohn said...

how are your friends? spiders.
do you want more Johnny Cash music?