Monday, February 12, 2007

manstabbed to death

Ivisited this website, and i read tha article and it talk about man who was stabbed to death. Carbondale police are investigating ahomicide that happend between 10 and 10:30p.m. Thursday in Carbondale, and tha police are trying yo catch tha person who killd tha man, tha police said tha two suspect in this case are described as black men, and tha auther wrote when the funreal servic would be. And auther wrote when and where this happend.

My Opinion:

1.Ithink tha outher told all tha story to try to say, lets go to help eachother to findthis criminal guy.

2.Ilike her way she told this story.

3.In my system i like this kind of reading becuse i am going to pay attenstion to this story if they need help.

4.this is the first time I read this srtivale. In thw end the writer wants us to help the police to catch the guy, and to call this nummber and I like this Idea.

1 comment:

André Brazil !!! said...

Suliman, how do you believe you can help the police to catch criminals?