Sunday, February 18, 2007

Suspects in five burglaries arrested

i went to this website and it talks about two men who stole from some place in carbondale city. After that the carbondale police arrested them and put them in tha jail. When polic investigated this case, thay discovered tha ways it was done was like the way five cases ago. The author said where and when all these burglaries happened and he told to us what happened to these guys. They stole from many store like EgyptianCorner, Radio Shack and Rent1 ...etc.

In my opinion, I like this website because it shows what happened in my city and what tha policemen did about that. Most people move to another city when they find out there are alot of crimes or burglaries in their city. Usually the burglaries are common in the student's city.


tom said...

Your posts are looking better- better formatted! Keep up the good work!

Jessica said...

Where's your character description? I know you have a good one, put it up here to show your classmates.

Kwang sub Sohn said...

You like your opinion.
Me,too. I like your opinion.
Good job.
See you tommorrow.

abdullah said...

you did good job. yoy said the burglaries are common in the student's city so what do you think should we do to reduce the burglaries.

yiming said...

Hi Brother Suliman: I should call you superman, haha. We have be classmates for 2 terms. I like your action when you did something just like to be a DJ.
Do you want to move to another when you read this weblog?